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Best Value Single Mattresses Brisbane - Buy Online & Save 5% Or In Our Brisbane Showroom

At Bedroom Warehouse your comfort is our priority.

Our selection of premium and budget single mattresses is stocked with some of Australia’s best quality brands. At the bottom end of our range, we have our discounted single mattresses which retail starting at $165. If you are after a premium single mattress, we also stock some of Australia's most deluxe single mattresses including the most super soft luxury mattresses on the market.

Each mattress comes with a FREE 60 Night In Home Trial period. This is our quality and comfort commitment to you. We stand 100% behind the mattresses we sell and pledge to let you try out our mattresses for 60 nights at no extra cost.

See below our exceptional range of budget and premium single mattresses. Feel free to use the drop down menu below, to help sort mattresses by price or mattress name.

Have you seen our range of double, queen, king single, and king mattresses? We stock some of Australia’s best quality premium and budget ranges. If you want to check them out, click on the mattresses tab above to browse.

At Bedroom Warehouse your comfort is our priority.

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  1. 5 Zone Latex

    5 Zone Latex

    The benefits of a latex and Pocket Spring mattress are as numerous as the online reviews! The 5-zone latex mattress offers back and spinal support, minimal partner disturbance and superior comfort. This mattress ticks all the boxes and offers fantastic value for money! Learn More
    • $355.00
    • $460.00
    • $550.00
    • $590.00
    • $695.00

  2. Ambience by Mlily

    Ambience by Mlily

    The Ambience is a soft mattress which combines foam technologies to set the mood for a relaxing night’s sleep. Features include: removable cover, 6cm of Gel Air Foam, 4cm of Gel Memory Foam and a 10 yr warranty. 27cm deep. Learn More
    • $675.00
    • $925.00
    • $1,005.00
    • $1,135.00
    • $1,335.00

  3. Bel Air

    Bel Air

    The Bel Air is a soft luxurious mattress with an extra thick pillow top. Learn More
    • $1,020.00
    • $1,210.00

  4. Chiro Dreamz

    Chiro Dreamz

    The benefits of a Pillow-top include extra contouring, more even displacement of body weight and reduced pressure on hips and shoulder for side sleepers! This 3-zone mattress has accreditation from the International Chiropractors Association. The Chiro Dreamz ticks all the boxes and offers fantastic value for money! Learn More
    • $435.00
    • $495.00
    • $565.00
    • $620.00

  5. Coco


    The Coco budget mattress really delivers on value for money. Great for kids rooms, guest rooms or holiday homes this budget mattress will provide continuous support for years to come. Learn More
    • $125.00
    • $200.00

  6. Dreamtime


    The Dreamtime offers just what its name suggests; rest and comfort for the best possible price. The pillow-top provides a luxury feel to compliment an already comfortable mattress. Learn More
    • $230.00
    • $255.00
    • $285.00
    • $310.00

  7. Fantasy


    The Fantasy is perfect if you want to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Learn More
    • $1,135.00
    • $1,325.00

  8. Luxus by Mlily

    Luxus by Mlily

    The Luxus is an extra soft mattress featuring a 5-layer foam construction to create a luxurious mattress. The innovative gel infused quilted Air Foam top layer is non-temperature sensitive and maintains the same consistency in summer and winter. The second gel infused Air Foam layer helps to dissipate heat. Layer three is pure Memory Foam, to support the spine and allow the mattress to conform to the shape of your body. Features include: removable cover, 10 year warranty. 40cm Deep. Learn More
    • $1,095.00
    • $1,325.00
    • $1,345.00
    • $1,515.00
    • $1,610.00
    • $18,955.00

  9. Osteo Pocket

    Osteo Pocket

    With a firmer feel, this 19cm, pocket-spring mattress is great value for a budget mattress. The Osteo Pocket mattress has an antibacterial Damsak fabric. Learn More
    • $135.00
    • $180.00
    • $210.00
    • $315.00

  10. Osteo Rest

    Osteo Rest

    Finally a budget mattress in a Pocket-Spring design. The feel is firm and the spring system allows the springs to contour to your body shape for more support than other budget mattresses. You and your guests can relax knowing they will enjoy a comfortable night. Learn More
    • $270.00
    • $300.00
    • $335.00
    • $440.00

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